Joe Lancia, CDT

Certified Dog Trainer

  Joe Lancia is a certified Dog Trainer in Hilton, New York and graduated with honors from the Animal Behavioral College, an internationally recognized training and certification program.  He recognizes the importance of the relationship between the person and their canine companion. His primary focus is on forming a mutually respectful and trusting relationship. Each dog and their human companion have their unique potential that is uncovered in the training encounter.  

The approach is based on the current and ever evolving scientific understanding of both psychology and behavior. Positive reinforcement, counter conditioning and motivation are the primary techniques used to look at shaping behavioral change. Joe’s approach does not limit the relationship to shaping behavior alone. It also focuses on building a sense of resilience and emotional confidence in the dog and encourages this to be brought to the relationship with its human companion. Aspects of the training encounter include establishing clear communication, setting clear and consistent boundaries and limits, fostering a sense of trust and respect and looking at reciprocity between both the dog and its human partner. An ongoing dialogue between the two is explored offering appropriate compromise and respect on both sides of the relationship. Not every person has the same talents and abilities and this is true for dogs too. The diversity and unique abilities of each dog will be explored and valued.   

  Joe teaches and speaks nationally and internationally on human animal bond and partners with animals in his medical practice.